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Journey of Air Vistara and Its Coupons Code

Vistara is airline service provider and is joint venture of Tata Sons Ltd. And Singapore Airline. Tata Sons as everyone knows need no introduction to this name especially in India. Because Tata is everywhere from salt to Tea and from steel to Buses. The word vistara has its own importance in itself, word has taken from Sanskrit word Vistaar, which implies the limitless expansion. Just like the sky has not boundaries. And its logo is also copy of stars. Singapore Airline came into existence in 1976 with a convoy of just 10 aircrafts and its services to 22 cities to 18 countries. With the commitment of modernization to become the world class airline. It extricate itself from the and changed its structure rapidly. Now they own a fleet of more than 100 planes with their services to 109 destinations over 40 countries.

Services offered by Vistara

Business Class
Being a full service provider, Vistara offers 8 types of business class seats to its customers in which one comprise 2-2 configuration.

Premium Economy

Vistara is the first Airline of India to present the Premium Economy Class to inland market.

Catering Business.

The in-flight nourishment is provided by TajSATS Air Cookery, additional combined venture between Tata and a Singaporean firm, headed by Chef Arun Batra, before the executive chef of the Taj Hotels group. Vistara suggestions four unlike meals for correspondingly cabin for dissimilar time of the day — breakfast, refreshment, lunch and dinner with selections of one veggie and one non-vegetarian dish in economy class; two vegetarian plates and one non-vegetarian plate in best economy; and two vegetarian and two non-vegetarian plates for business-class cabin.

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