Let&#39s celebrate all the mums in your life...

By : Dealsdunia

Uff, This Mother's Day Is making me crazyyyy...
Too less time is left and I haven't prepared much yet.
What bout you?
Have you started doing all your planning? Is the gift ready?
You know as soon as say Mom, there automatically crawls a smile on my lips. Our mothers are the cherry on the cake of our life, without them life is nothing.
I know, all days should be special for mum's, what they do for us, how much they sacrifice for us, but still, let's not miss this chance too.
So, Let's do something special to make the most important person in our life feel special.


The versions of angles (mothers) ...
I know, that no one can ever fill the mother's shoes, but yet some people are there who are close to them.
For me, I think my sister is a second mother for me, we fight, we get angry, I usually stole her clothes plus food, but at the end of the day, I know that she loves me a lot and she will always be there for me whenever I will look for love and support.
Who according to you is a second mother to you?
Who do you think, can love u as selflessly as your mum do?
I'm not just saying it can be your elder sister, It can your brother, best friend, father, or anyone who can love as equal as your mother do, who is always there for you in hard times, who loved you equals to moon and back?
Give it a thought.
Mother's is for all the mothers in your life, to thank them for being always available for you, for taking care of you, for always being your support, and for making you happy.

 How much your gift means to them?
 You know, mum's are so selfless that even sharing the first bite of your food can make her thousands of times happier.
I told you, these are why mum's special for.
But, it's not just a gift which you will be gifting them, trust me for them as a treasure for life which they are going to keep it with them for their whole life.
You are not just giving them a gift, it's just a gesture of saying thank you and trust me you are telling them that you love them.


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