A day, a lot new to start...

By : Dealsdunia

Wassup guys?
Anything new from your side?
Now you would thinking, what new, again a lockdown till 3rd of May, so what can be new?
A lot can be...
Because I'm glad that at least  I have a new and latest update for you, maybe it will work as a mind refresher for you.


An International rebellion is knocking your door for the future...
A list of questions had started popping up in your mind, like What exactly it is, How it is connected to me, Is it interesting, some might be known from this name, and some are also there who are going to leave reading, that Of what use it is?
Before answering your questions one by one, let me make it very clear that "IT IS IMPORTANT".
Can you imagine the future, when there will be no tress, no plants, buildings everywhere, with lack of oxygen and water, where oxygen and water will be supplied in packets? I'm asking this because I can imagine it, on which way we are today, I'm very sure that sooner or later but we have to face it...
So, let's come to the point.
International Rebellion or Extinction Rebellion  - It is a global movement that had been stared to focus on the upcoming climate change, biodiversity loss and risk of social and social and ecological collapse.
More than Ten Thousand people in more than 33 countries across six continents are raising their voices against Climate and ecological change.
And it is today.
So why not be one of the voices from them?


No mass gathering, No huge statements, just a few small steps.
'The longest journey starts with a single step'
And that step can be yours.
And you can be the change in your family, in your society.
No wonder that you might be wondering, how you can be the change.
You can bring change by being the change.
3 'R' can change the whole cycle.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
The first step is to reduce the use of things, which are harmful to our nature, and one of the biggest Enemies for that is the plastic bags, So reduce the use of plastic to almost zero.
Use reusable bags, like cloth or jute bags.
Reuse- Reuse the used items, like you can use an empty plastic bottle as flower pot by decorating it, you can make it in a shape of pen box and most importantly, the small pieces of that plastic, which we tear up from the side of milk bags, They are most dangerous because after that they can't be used anywhere else.
Recycle - heard about dry waste and wet waste, so recycle the old products, by which new can be made.


How DealsDunia is initiating a step in this?
Jabong Offers are here, and Instead of Plastic bags, you can use cloth bags, which you can order using these Jabong offers.
Not only this, but you can buy seeds for plantation, separate dustbins for waste.
So you can utilize the Jabong offers for today.
So Get your Jabong offer count as a step for a new future...

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