Are you Happy in quarantine

By : Dealsdunia

Yes! You heard me correct.
And somewhere the reason to ask this question is that a lot in between you are not fine. There could be a lot of reasons, which you have to need to ask yourself, that are you ok? If not, then why?
Because no one else will try to make you happy until you want to be happy from inside.
I know, the thing is harsh and hard sometimes, maybe too hard, but this is what we all trying to learn here, to deal with the situations, to change over selves according to the conditions.
I think the most used reason is 'people had nothing to do in quarantine, or they are not having fun or Lockdown is so boring, and so on.
If you ask me, it may be or it maybe not.
It depends on you, that how you deal with the situation.
Lockdown is for both of them, who are happy as well as who want to spend the whole lockdown like a cry baby in just anger, anxiety, and agony.
I have a few plans, which are not going to make your Lockdown a rocking concert but yes it can make it a roller-coaster ride.


Do what you have never done before.
Have you cooked before? If not then try to cook today.
Do you dance? Well if not, then you gotta boring life till now. Lock your room, play the song in headphones in volume up mode, and trust me no one is watching you so start dancing. Dancing is the best solution to relieve the pain and stress, and if you dance remember you are your participant, own audience, and own judge.
I will not ask for singing, because some people are good enough until they are bathroom singers.
Jokes apart, but enjoy your time.
Watch movies, TV Series, cartoons or anything, watch what makes you feel alive, feel worth watching.
And from Alive, I remember the most interesting thing to do - The Books.
Books had always been the legend and no one can replace them.
I'm not asking you to read your syllabus books, neither the motivational one nor the religious one.
I'm asking you to read what to love to read, what makes you happy, no matter, its comics, love story, comedy, anything you feel to read like.
Read like a huge giant.


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