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When we get lazy to wash our hairs with water in winter and even turns oily, then this will surely result in detangled and frizzy hairs. So for all your detangled and frizzy hair, problem solution is dry shampoo.These shampoos comes in powder form and you don’t need to add water to it henceforth still they will help you have to be bouncy and fresh for many days.

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These dry shampoos are corn and rice starch based available in paste form with different shades.So that you can use them according to your hair type and color. They also come in spray bottles for hassle free and easy application.

Use dry shampoo for hair preventions

Excess of moisture on your scalp makes your scalp greasy and however,these dry shampoos absorbs oil from your roots making it fragmented and fresher too.If you use the shampoo with water it can even damage your hair as it takes away the natural oil from you’re the scalp. Although if you don’t apply shampoo frequently it will make your scalp greasy all together it is a problem that keeps arising with your scalp each time.

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This dry shampoo is a perfect solution to all your problems as it based in starch of rice and corn. It saves your damaged hair, time, and efforts.This dry shampoo act as a weapon to protect yourself from oil. It also absorbs natural oil from the scalp as this dry shampoo gives a fresh look.It is a great alternative for shampoo offers if you are not willing to take a head bath by applying or sprinkling some powder on your scalp.

Best dry shampoo and the collection list –

1. Bblunt back to life dry shampoo for instant freshener

It is the most renowned brand when it comes to dry shampoo. It absorbs your excess oil and grease. Its micro crystalline starch makes the hair fix and ultra-smooth. It is the best dry shampoo which will give you freshness and it is completely easy to use. Moreover, it does not require water and does not leave hair sticky.

2. Batiste dry shampoo instant hair refresh, fruity and cheeky cherry –

It absorbs oil and makes your hair bouncy, fresh and manageable making your dull hair full of life. Its portable design make it convenient for you to use and when you are traveling. This dry shampoo will improve your hair texture and smell pleasant while giving a shiny look to your hairs.

3. Bed head oh bee hive hair spray –

It is the best dry shampoo that helps in absorbing excess oil from the scalp. It also cleans your hair and gives greater volume thereby protecting your hair from harmful UV rays.

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