Best times to buy new home appliances

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The unexpected launch of offers on customer products and appliances signifies the arrival of the festive seasons in India. There are many customers who put off their purchase decisions to wait for this ‘sale’ season to save some additional bucks.

The companies are also very well aware that the customers are surely going to buy and that is the best part about the festive sales. These sales are already planned and mostly focus on the quality rather than price.

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What is the best time to buy home and kitchen appliances? As per the need? No! In the end, you have to spend more on the purchases. If you plan to buy a new appliance before your old appliances give up on life, you will have enough time to look for a good deal that not only saves your money but also provides a quality product.

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This is mostly because there are some time periods in a year that are best suitable for buying refrigerators, stoves air conditioners, washing machine, etc.If your appliances started working badly, you should lookout for a new one. You should always keep a track of its expected life cycle.

It is advisable not to keep old appliances as new appliances come with five star rating that is for saving electricity and performing better than the old ones. So replacing an old appliance with a new one is a good option that would definitely save your electricity bills.

Best time to purchase home and kitchen appliances

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• October to February for Air Conditioners

The temperature, as well as the prices of air conditioners, goes down during this time period. It is advisable to plan and purchase for next summers during this period and avoid purchasing it when the demand is high since the sale of AC is somewhat nil in winters. It is a good bargain and saves a lot of money.

• May to July for Refrigerators and Coffee Maker

During this period, you can get discounts on Coffee Maker as the demand for coffee is more in winters. In the month of May, refrigerator companies come with various new models so it simply means that you can get discounts on previous year models and is definitely a very good deal.

• September to October for many appliances

As the Indians consider Diwali to be the most auspicious time, so before Diwali many companies offer new models (including mobiles and laptops) and that is the reason why maximum purchases are made during this time, for home décor as well. To sell out the old appliances, companies offer discounts and bargains on old products. So it is the high time to purchase your appliances.

• New Year and festive seasons for Discount on Discounted Appliances

With the arrival of the New Year, companies have to come with new models for the customers and that’s why they offer a further discount on the appliances which are already been discounted. It is similar to a stock clearance Sale. You could get better deals but very few options to select from.

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Best times to buy new home appliances

The unexpected launch of offers on customer products and appliances signifies the arrival of the festive seasons in India. There are many customers who put off their purc ...

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