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How many of you love going to church?
I do. Do you?
Nowadays, it has been a part of a trend to visit the church and to enjoy it there, but how many of you know the actual story behind it? How many of you believe in Jesus Christ as you believe in God and Allah.
It used to be a time when we believed that God incarnated on earth in different forms of life, and one of them is Jesus Christ. Jesus was the first-century Jewish Preacher and religious leader. He is the central figure of Christianity.
Now you would be thinking, why all of a sudden I had started a religious topic?
Because very few of you would know about the fact that, tomorrow, the upcoming day is celebrated as Palm Sunday.
Never heard about this day before?
You’re bad, actually it never comes in between weekends. Don't wonder, why I'm saying it because we all only remember those days in which we get a Holiday...
Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter Sunday. I will also move on to the topic of Easter Sunday, but next time, at the right time...
So, Palm Sunday is celebrated as the day when Jesus Christ, Entered the Holy city of Jerusalem. And you will wonder to know the fact that Jesus Christ entered the city while riding on a donkey.
This day is specially celebrated as a reminder of god's faithfulness...

Why Palms only?
You all would be wondering why only palm leaves?
Because Palm was the symbol of Jewish nationalism, and people consider them as a sign of victorious celebrations.
On this day you all would plan to visit the church with your family, friends or alone. But all of us are well aware of the current situation due to COVID-19. So I have a few ways, from which you can make your Palm Sunday more interesting.

How to celebrate your Palm Sunday in different ways...
1. We all believe in different forms of god, some beliefs in god, some in Allah and some in Jesus, but in the end, they are one. So as it's a day of spirituality you can read Holy books, either it's Quran, Bible or Bhagwat Geeta. Don't have one? Then you can get one From DealsDunia. As currently, Ajio coupons are available there.
2. You can do Prayer and Fasting.
3. You can decorate your room with Palms. But it is not quite an easy task to do at the Quarantine time, so you can use artificial ones. You can order them online on DealsDunia.

Lots of options, But choose the Ajio Coupons...
We always have more than one option in life and we always choose the one, which we think is right for us. So why not apply this rule on shopping?
You have always believed in the Coupons of DealsDunia, And this time DealsDunia got you Ajio Coupons on the occasion of Palm Sunday, So why not Utilize Ajio coupons?
Get the best use of Ajio coupons on the Quarantine days. Make your Palm Memorable with DealsDunia and Ajio coupons.

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