Let&#39s celebrate a vibrant Vaisaikhi...

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Today Sikhs all around the world are preparing for the celebrations of religious observance of Vaisakhi.
One of the memorable and important day on the Nanakshahi Solar calendar.
Vaisakhi had been celebrated since thousands of years when farmers have put their sickles to harvest and celebrate the upcoming new year.
But after 1699, there added one more holy reason to celebrate Vaisakhi.  After that Vaisakhi is celebrated as Holy day as the birthmark of Khalsa Fraternity.
Vaisakhi always brings the vibrant energy that lightens up every house with the colors of happiness.
There is so much to celebrate, to enjoy in Vaisakhi...


How did Vaisakhi use to be celebrated?
A day with Vibrant joy and happiness, most famous and holy day for Sikh. This day is one of the very special days for them and they leave no stone unturned to make this day more special. Nagar Kirtans are held by the community, All the Gurudwara are decorated y colorful flowers and lights, People get up in their best traditional attire to look perfect in this day, Everyone visit Gurdwara, lots of functions and Langars are held, Overall its happy moos everywhere.


What about now?
Did you noticed that above I had mentioned 'used to', did you give it a thought?
As we all are aware of the current situation, as no one can step out of the house, So how are you going to celebrate your Vaisakhi this year? without Gidda? without going to Gurudwara? Without having fun?
Did I say fun?
oops sorry!
Because you can make it fun too, by sitting at home.
Now ask how?
Why worry, in lots of hurry??
You have a whole one day to make this Vaishaki - Ghar waali Vaisakhi...
Why not dress up in your best and Favorite Patial suit or kurta? Let's get ready and celebrate this Vaisakhi with family.
So why not start with decoration? You can use your terrace, and decorate them with the photo of Babaji with flowers and lighting... You can use the Punjabi theme too.
So decoration is set up, what next?
So dress- done?
Now music?? You have your phones, Speakers and the dancer in you, now what else is needed?
Now decoration is done, the dress theme is done, Music is done, Gidda Songs are fixed, What else is remaining?
YES! Food?
Why not change the taste?

It's a long time we haven't tasted you Dominos pizza...
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